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Why us?

We are a team of data and technology experts who specialise in developing solutions for the transport and logistics industry.

Starting in 2016 we have developed technology that solves a range of fleet optimisation problems and integrates with leading asset tracking and sensor systems.

Through Prism Depot, we bring together the best of our technology and services partner network to provide a one-stop shop for commercial fleet operators to find the services they need to run and grow the business.

  • High quality providers

    We've worked with a wide range of service providers to transport and logistics clients. We'll only ever match you with service providers that are right for you and meet our quality standards.

  • Expert insights and assitance

    We serve hundreds of transport and logistics clients each month. Our team has deep knowledge of the challenges and solutions the industry deals with every day.

  • High value rewards

    For each service secured through our platform we offer rewards to redeem for our digital and data analytics solutions, such as Prism FTC, or other Prism Depot services!

    * Availability and scope of reward offer varies. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.


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